9800 Elite Vascular 9''

Daily ,  Weekly, and Short Term Leases available.

This is a smaller generator C-Arm is recommended for Ortho, hip injections and knee injections.

Can be used for light anatomy pain cases.  

Small and maneuverable (best fitted for smaller rooms Printer included 4 Lead Aprons

about the 9800 Elite Vascular 9"


With the OEC 9900 Elite:

Improve your workflow and productivity.
OEC C -arms are consistently rated by customers as easy-to-use because of the intuitive user interface and software design. The OEC 9900 Elite is the only “immediate image” fluoro system on the market. A dual control mainframe and left-to-right layout means easy access for fast operation.

Optimize dose management. When you get a suberb image with the first exposure, there should be no need for re-takes and repeated exposures. Be Brilliant with OEC.

See more clearly. With100 times more image computing power than previous OEC C-arms, you’ll get exceptional image quality regardless of the complexity of your procedure.

Maximize uptime. Perform long procedures because our unique battery buffer technology allows for longer on-times. Active cooling and heat monitoring indicator help you manage uptime performance.

Maximize access. Our unique, deep C arc gives the desired patient access for pain management and cardiovascular procedures. Articulating monitors ergonomically offer you an ideal view of the workstation monitors.


The OEC 9900 Elite is available in a number of configurations, allowing you to select the product features that best meet your clinical needs.

Orthopedics, General Surgery and Pain Management
9900 GSP or 9900 ESP

Pain Management & Basic Vascular
9900 PMCare 8fps
9900 Basic Vascular 8fps

Advanced Vascular
9900 Vascular 15fps (12fps @ 50 Hz)
9900 Vascular MTS 30fps (25fps @ 50 Hz)

Cardiac Surgery and Mobile Cardiac Cath/EP Lab  
9900 Cardiac 30fps (25fps @ 50 Hz)


12/9/6” (31/23/15 cm) tri-mode image intensifier: A larger field of view than our standard 9/6/4.5” (23/15/10 cm) image intensifier, for many applications or wherever a larger field of view is required.

Super C design: Larger than our standard C, the design provides greater clearance and
greater range of overscan for the oblique angulations required in both cardiac
and spine work. 9” (23 cm) I.I. only.