Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with our service? 

Our service includes the C-Arm rental, 4  lead aprons for radiation protection; and, most importantly the needed regulatory documentation with the State.

Are there any additional rental costs?

In most cases there are a few additional costs beyond the use of the C-Arm to consider. Almost every rental quote will also have some form of these fees.

Accessories - lead aprons, C-Arm Tables, lead glasses. We do include 4 aprons in our rentals, but if you need more they come at an extra cost or having the option to place an order to own. Lead glasses are placed to own and do not have an option to rent. C-Arm Tables come in a variety of different features so please keep in mind what you are looking for.

Transportation - This is the fee incurred for delivery depending on the physical address the C-Arm is needed.

Expedited fee - An expedited fee occurs when an order is placed within 48 hrs of service. As our drivers are constantly on the go, to best assist with a short notice requires movement in the logistics schedule. plan accordingly. 

Staffing - RISC is our sister company that offers radiology techs to run the equipment being used, and that is a separate cost that can be included if you are interested in having a tech cover for your facility. Prices do in fact range based on the need, which can be for either a;  surgical center, training labs, sporting events, etc. 

What is our mobile delivery process?

Online Booking: You get the opportunity to browse our selection of rental equipment, choose a date, time, and create an account that will save your order for the next time you might need to rent.

Project Planning & Site Preparation: A Manager will call you to confirm your order, and will gather all the necessary information to ensure delivery and set up goes smoothly. The goal is to understand and plan for your site's mobile imagining needs to go smoothly.

Delivery: Delivery day occurs the day before you need the equipment delivered at no extra cost. Your rental equipment will arrive, the driver will clean equipment, take pictures to ensure how it was delivered, and it is returned the same. The driver will hand the person who is receiving the equipment a slip to sign. This is to help keep both parties accountable.

Ongoing Support: We are available if anything happens to go wrong, and we may need to switch equipment. Keep in mind that it's possible to make fast switches, but sometimes we are completely booked and can not guarantee we can fulfill such requests.

Pick-Up: Our driver will pick up on the last day used, and if there are delays throughout your day we will pick up the very next day.We have a very responsive delivery service with our Mercedes Sprinter Fleet and can deliver all requests efficiently and safely. 

What kind of facility should rent a mobile c-arm?

Privately Owned Practices - These facilities frequently rent equipment when they first open their doors and purchase later after their volume levels have ramped up and revenue has become more steady. 

Sites Under Construction - When capacity is diminished and work flow is hampered by new construction or remodeling in your facility, an extra c-arm on site can help compensate. A C-Arm can fill the gaps in your schedule nicely. 

Surgery Centers - When they rent for a time and save their purchase decision for later, renting helps lower risk and keeps the door open to swap out if the system is down. 

The Takeaway - Rentals are a great way to figure out if you are in the market to purchase your own equipment in the future, but also working with a company that you may be looking to in the future for your rental needs. You can reduce your financial risk, and save on capital.

What is the difference between a mini c-arm and a large c-arm?

A large c-arm is a mobile imaging unit used primarily for fluoroscopic imaging during surgical cases needed for images of the spine. We also carry C-arms with vascular capability. 

A mini-Carm is used primarily for Orthopedic use when images of the extremities are needed. It results in a significantly lower radiation exposure for the patients than a formal x-ray. 

What is the difference between a 9 inch and 12 inch Large C-Arm?

A 9 inch is suited for seeing half of the body and a 12 inch has a larger good for total hip.

What is a portable used for?

It is used for pre operation which is a time before you go into surgery. During this time you will meet with your doctors. It is also used for Postoperative,  which refers to after a surgical operation it includes pain management and wound care. You will spend 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Why should you turn to us for your business needs?

Mobile C-Arm Services is a one-stop shop for your fluoroscopy needs for cases or medical training. We have been around for over 12 years and have earned the trust of Surgical Centers and Training Medical Labs that need top notch equipment and service. 

We focus on delivering equipment in a timely manner and setting up whether it's for a day, week, month or longer.

Our growth has been mostly from word of mouth from customers that have benefited from our service. Whether it’s a new facility that needs quick ROI turnaround, C-Arms that go down, or Lab seminars that need experienced staff and equipment to service their physicians, we are the recognized brand to take care of their needs.

You can count on us for your labs, surgical cases, conventions, sporting events, and training. 

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