Portable X-RAY

Short term and Long term leasing available for Intra & Post OP X-RAY

The Rover Mobile DR is an ultra-lightweight X-ray unit providing high quality imaging at Point of Care for patients at the office, in hospital or on the sports field!

Several unique components contribute to its lightness:

Nano Electronic X-ray or NEX Technology™ uses carbon nanotubes to generate X-rays without heat yet with high precision.Therefore, the bulk of oil, lead and motors needed for cooling traditional thermionic X-rays machines are not needed.

Specs & Images

Reliable due to simplicity

No Motors

Having no motors means less maintenance and breakdowns.

Very Quiet

Optimize Uptime


Consumes less power

Uses lithium batteries that are unlikely to need to be replaced – so less land fill.

Less Footprint.

Taking up less space than traditional systems.


Easy to Maneuver

Light head and arm as it is only ¼ the weight of traditional mobile head units.

Minimizes operator fatigue.

Wheelie bar to assist with elevation of front wheels in uneven terrain.