GE OEC The One

Daily ,  Weekly, and Short Term Leases available.

The OEC One all-in-one mobile C-arm offers superb imaging capabilities, made more accessible for a variety of procedures — from pain management to peripheral vascular. Enjoy image processing advancements in clear, detailed images.

about the GE OEC The One


Bringing you a Clear View of sharp, detailed images where, when, and how you need them

A Clear View WHERE you need it Close – Bring images closer to the surgical field thanks to OEC One’s articulating display arm with five ranges of motion

Clear – View crisp, clear 11.8” live and reference images on 27” high resolution display

Accessible – View images from a variety of places
Either side of C-arm            
Surgeon seated or standing            
C-arm in AP or lateral


Close, clear, accessible
- 27” image display on articulating arm
- Handles along sides and back of monitor
- 11.8” live and reference images
- Live image mirrored on TechView tablet

Image access
- 10.1” TechView touchscreen tablet provides commands on simple UI
- 1280 x 800 resolution
- 270° swivel and 40° tilt

Easy handles
- Along C-arm on both sides
- Ergonomic design for simple maneuveringConnectivity
- Wireless DICOM*
- Digital video output
- USB data transfer

- Transfer with five-minute standby
- OEC reliability


Detailed, high res images
High DQE (65%) image intensifier
- 1k x 1k camera
- Exposure control

Removable anti-scatter grid
- Low dose mode
- Positioning precision

Color-coded pivot joints and locks
Laser aimers*
- Free space in arc of C-arm
- Power for optimal IQ2.5 kW
- 40 kHz frequency
- Continuous fluoroscopy
- Digital spot
- Smart heat management